September 2020 Recap

Mostly dossiers are already in Final Offer or Active Timetable phase.

If your dossier is still in Observation phase, please manually promote to Post-Processing phase for the automatic promotions to work! Do not forget to set your lights to green, otherwise automatic promotion will not work!

Final Offer

This automatic promotion between 8 August and 12 December checks acceptance indicators during the Post-Processing phase and automatically promotes green-light dossiers to the Final Offer phase.

Active Timetable

The Active Timetable phase has started already for involved participants who accepted the final offer and set their lights to green in the system. With this scheduled automatic promotion, the system promoted these dossiers to the Active Timetable phase from 25 August, and the automatic process will continue until 12 December, 03:00 am.

In the Active Timetable phase, the process allows Applicants to request changes to some elements along the agreed path by initiating a Path Modification process. For IMs, the process allows them to adapt the changes and fine-tune the originally agreed timetable by initiating a Path Alteration process.

The PCS Team updated the Path Modification and Path Alteration documentation and extended it with detailed step-by-step information with screenshots. For further details please click on the links.

The PCS team was also busy testing the new PCS developments:

  • Territory calendar (FTE CR ID 23): detects uncovered or missing running days by highlighting with border frame in the Harmonisation phase on a selected territory, which so far has not been available. In addition, it should be possible to view the calendar (with colours and frames) for any selected location in the territory. PCS also highlights days that are not covered in the previous territory.
  • Adjust the subject of all dossier-related e-mails (FTE CR ID 22): All notifications will be checked and aligned with the requirement to have the international train number and dossier name in the subject of the e-mail
  • Permanent options during editing (FTE CR ID 01): ‘Cancel’, ‘Save’, ‘Continue’, ‘Calendar’ buttons fixed as a footer at the bottom of the screen.
  • Add PaPs from several PaP IDs to a dossier at the same time (FTE CR ID 39): Added an extra multiple selection filter in the PaP ID column in the PaP search result grid after selecting the required RFC and directions to tighten the results.
  • Adjust the naming of the exported PDF file (FTE CR ID 19): PDF export name extended with Train_number_Dossier name_Dossier version number information.
  • Size of timetable fields (FTE CR 50): in Edge browser the arrival and departure time will be wider and better visible.
  • Adjust the Last Change Date grid column to include the time (FTE CR 04): the last change date column date format changed to date & time format on the GUI.
  • Agency data view
  • Big Data integration is in progress and we were working on location mapping between PCS and CRD

The efforts to solve ECMT conflict detection issues continued. The entire algorithm needed to be adjusted because the offset related objects were not being detected correctly.

To read more what happened in September, check out the sprint review in detail:



Or get an update on previous sprint reviews by visiting the following link: https://cms.rne.eu/ecmt/discussions.

PCS maintenance release notes include features and enhancements for each release, as well as bug fixes. To get an update and read more about PCS development steps and sprints, please click on this link.

In terms of ongoing user support, the PCS team has assisted 67 times in various issues in September, mainly with user management activities, TSi variant ID issue and process questions.