Most dossiers are now in the Active Timetable phase. For the involved participants who accepted the final offer and set their lights to green in the system, the PCS has been automatically promoting dossiers to the Active Timetable phase since the 20 August 2019. This automatic process will continue until 14 December 2019.

September is always a busy month for the PCS team as lots of meetings take place.

First, the Test Group meeting was held on 09th September, as an all-day event where group members tested the new version of the system with prepared test cases and collected their test results. The PCS team also demonstrated the test results collected in August and evaluated, together with the group, the new test findings. Dossiers were migrated from the live system to PCS School – an opportunity to compare dossiers with the ones in production.

On the next two days (10th –  11th September) two half-day events were organised.

In the morning on 10th September at the PCS User Group meeting, participants received information on the test meeting registered issues analysis, about the process guideline\timeline and each participant had the opportunity to give feedback regarding the new PCS release date. In the afternoon, the RU Advisory Group meeting took place.

On 11th September, the PCS Change Control Board meeting was held. The CCB group members received an overview of the PCS Envelope Concept, a detailed plan for the development steps in general for 2020, a summary of KPIs and a budget report. The participants agreed with the PCS final release date proposal.

And last but not least, on 24th September, the Train the Trainer event took place. Participants received a detailed explanation of the major differences between PCS NG and EC, received a summary of the pending issues and were informed of the planned training dates. The PCS team presented the current documentation library ‘transformation’ steps and availability.

RNE also organised the TTR Plannery day in Vienna on 25th September. The PCS team was represented by Mario Team and Máté Bak, and held two breakout sessions on the TTR IT landscape. Based on the feedback, the participants enjoyed the interactive session and found it very useful and informative.

To get an update and read more about PCS development steps and sprints, please click on this link.

In terms of ongoing user support, the PCS team has assisted 44 times in various issues in Sep, mainly with user access requests password resets, excel importer upload errors.