The PCS Envelope Concept Project reached a significant milestone and on 16th October 2019, PCS NG migrated to the new structure with the dossiers from TT2018 to TT2020. The migration process went smoothly (less than 3% of the dossiers were not migrated). The development still continues as some features and functions are not available yet. The next major development step is the implementation of the Path Modification and Alteration processes in the system, to be finalised by the end of November.

PCS users are now familiarising themselves with the new GUI elements, the calendar consistency (avoiding overlapping days),  the border harmonisation (warning on not harmonised borders), using multiple PaPs on the same territory for different days, using local times and indicating time zones.

New trainings are planned for November in close cooperation with FTE and will continue for the Rail Freight Corridors in January and February.

The PCS maintenance release notes include features and enhancements for each release, as well as bug fixes. To get an update and read more about PCS development steps and sprints, please click on the link.

Most dossiers are now in the Active Timetable phase. For the involved participants who accepted the final offer and have set their lights to green in the system, the PCS has been automatically promoting dossiers to the Active Timetable phase since the 20 August 2019. This automatic process will continue until 14 December 2019. Currently, Path Modification and Path Alteration is still under development, and users have to wait a little longer before starting to adjust the allocated dossiers.

In CMS, the PCS document section has been revised, and a new structure prepared. The documents are continuously updated and revised according to the standards of the new PCS EC version. The goal is to continuously improve the quality of documentation: the documents are now organised, accurate, complete, up to date and contain more screenshots to increase user satisfaction.

The PCS Technical Board meeting was held on 9th October 2019. Each participant could give a report on their PCS interface implementation. To provide support, the PCS Team prepared a new guide focusing on the special dialect of TSI communication that is or will be supported by PCS. Participants were also informed about the PCS EC deployment roadmap and received a live demonstration of the GUI changes, behaviour of the TSI identifiers and TAF/TSI message sending in PCS web service communication.

In terms of ongoing user support, the PCS team has assisted 61 times in various issues in October, mainly with user access requests, password resets, excel importer upload errors and questions regarding the web interface version.