At the beginning of November, the preparation of the new timetable period started for IMs/ABs as they were busy defining their national particularities until 16th of November to configure the system for timetable 2023. For example, some agencies have redefined their loco type numbers to be TAF / TSI – compliant to be prepared for future seamless interface connections between PCS and their national system.

The new timetable period 2023 opened on the 17th of November.

Currently, passenger traffic users are working on the carry forward of the dossiers from the 2022 timetable period.

Also, the RFCs are busy preparing their Pre-Arranged Products (PaPs) for the next timetable period.


Most of the dossiers that were created for the timetable period 2022 are in Final Offer or Active timetable phases, waiting to start the timetable period.

Promotions Overview

Final offer

The 23rd of August is an important date alongside the Final Offer deadline; from that date, daily automatic promotions were carried out until the 11th of December.

From Final Offer to Active Timetable phase: if the Applicants accepted the final offer received from the IMs/ABs/RFCs the dossiers were promoted to the Active Timetable phase at 03:00.

PCS still does not leave dossiers stuck in the process. For delayed offers sent by the IMs/ABs/RFCs it promoted dossiers from the Post-Processing to the Final Offer phase at 23:00.

PCS further checks the dossiers, like a house-cleaning activity, and promoted the dossiers from

  • the Final Offer to Closed at 03:00 where all Applicants lights are red
  • the Feasibility Elaboration Conference to Closed phase

Active Timetable

And finally, the Active Timetable phase has started already for involved participants who accepted the final offer and set their lights to green in the system.

In the Active timetable phase, the process allows Applicants to request changes to some elements along the agreed path by initiating a Path Modification process. The IMs are allowed to change and fine-tune the originally agreed timetable by initiating a Path Alteration process.

PCS Developments/Bug Fixes:

  • Fix sub-path duplication after accepting PM offer
  • Fix validation error for the standard journey time in the PaP import
  • Make sure that in carry-forward ‘IM Parameters’ are calculated correctly, depending on the selected ‘trainType’.
  • Update the train cc code list according to the currently valid and registered loco types
  • Handle dossier creation with applicant OSS agencies
  • Timeline configuration
  • Define copy Applicant TT to IM TT or IM TT to Applicant TT view

Development news is published in our CMS PCS space under the PCS history book so that the information is available to everyone. Each chapter is a new release note. Click each chapter’s link to read more in detail: https://cms.rne.eu/node/30476/pcs-history

The chapters are located on the rights side in the Related Documents section in the Reference area for public access.

Users can check out some interesting new changes and visit for detailed information in the latest PCS CCB Bi-weekly report published on PCS Forum.

In terms of ongoing user support, the PCS team has assisted 72 times in various issues in November mainly with user access requests password resets, company name change, ‘updateRUIMPair’ request errors.