The PCS Team is planning to organise trainings in February with the RFCs where PCS users can become more familiar with the new PCS functions:

  • new GUI elements,
  • how to solve the calendar consistency (avoiding overlapping days),
  • how to harmonise borders (warning on not harmonised borders),
  • how to apply borders properly,
  • how to select PaPs belonging to multiple PaP IDs even on the same territory for different days and
  • how to use local times and time zones.

Dates will be published.

Currently, passenger traffic users are working on the carry forward of the dossiers for the next timetable period (TT2022), then, they will promote the dossiers to the Harmonisation phase and the Feasibility Study process can start.

The RFCs are busy preparing their Pre-Arranged Products (PaPs) in PCS for the next timetable period.

Also, the PCS Team has been constantly updating the document library, and extending with detailed information and screenshots.

The PCS team was busy testing the new PCS developments:

  • Updated the web-service endpoint to 6.1
  • Implemented Loco type WS operations according to the migration guide (getLocoTypes, ImportLocoTypes, UpdateLocoTypes, RemoLoco and getAllTypesOfLoco)
  • Improved comments and the edit/delete comment options are available. The comment is a personal post and not related to the agency, so it is possible to edit/delete your comments. Once a comment is deleted by the creator PCS hides the already entered comment and text will be shown: ‘Deleted comment’.
  • Territory check-in Applicant path step of the wizard (FTE CR) Question marks indicate the mandatory fields. Like the departure time at origin.
  • Autosuggestion for free text IM parameters (FTE CR). Meaning the autosuggestion option is enabled only for the string type national IM parameters.
  • Define train weight/length as recommendation or restriction for the PaPs. If bigger than recommended, PCS highlights it with a yellow warning below
  • Rearrange all actions in the geography view. The territory or all sub-path related actions and Actions related to one sub-path
  • BigData integration is in progress and we were working on location mapping between PCS and CRD. The changes were deployed on production and test 3, but mapping was run only in Test3. Our goal is that PCS production is synchronizing with CRD and Test systems are synchronized with production.

The efforts to solve ECMT conflict detection issues are fixed. The entire detecting algorithm needed to be adjusted because the offset related objects were not being detected correctly. There were some bug fixing:

  • In the search when using dash (-) in the search field
  • Error message after cloning an object
  • Line criss-cross objects direction problem
  • Direction filter

To read more about what happened this month check out the sprint review in detail:


Or get an update on previous sprint reviews by visiting the following link: https://cms.rne.eu/ecmt/discussions.

PCS maintenance release notes include features and enhancements for each release, as well as bug fixes. To get an update and read more about PCS development steps and sprints, please click on this link.

In terms of ongoing user support, the PCS team has assisted 36 times in various issues in November, mainly with user management activities, carry-forward, Path Alteration/modification issues, loco type registration and PaP excels import sheet questions.