At the beginning of May, we organised regular PCS group meetings: User group (UG), Test group (TG), and the Change Control Board (CCB) meetings.

  • PCS TG: Ivona Haban presented an overview of actions from the previous meeting, demonstrated the new Change Requests (CRs) and participants tested them in groups. The PCS Team gathered their feedback before the end of the meeting.
  • PCS UG:
    • Ivona Haban showed the latest developments and the status of the CRs on the roadmap, including new CRs which were placed for the approval of the PCS CCB.
    • She shared the Path Request deadline period experiences
    • Anna Géczi presented the PCS customer satisfaction survey evaluation of the written responses
    • Ivona Haban opened discussions on the following topics:
      • The change in parameters as a trigger for the downgrade of the acceptance indicators on the border
      • The latest improvements of the downgrade of the indicator lights are not implemented in PA/PM process type and the alignment with the downgrade in the main phases should be done
  • To prepare PCS to help Applicants by mapping different series numbers of locos across territories
  • Allow promotion of the partially harmonised offer into the Active Timetable in case of red light, then Applicant will not get the full international path, therefore there is no need to give a final offer by only some IMs
  • PCS CCB:
    • Ivona Haban gave an overview of:
      • The budget spent in Q1
      • The latest developments
  • Changes in the development plan
  • Dangerous goods restrictions
  • Introduced the new project – The border Harmonisation tool,
  • Informed participants that RNE is re-establishing the “Train the trainer” concept.
  • Asked to approve the new RNE CRs planned for the roadmap 2023
  • Preparation of the loco types mapping
  • Proposal for the renaming of the highest planned speed field
  • Make location type mandatory for 2023 according to TAF/TSI requirements

In the PCS life cycle, dossiers are in the Path Elaboration phase where IMs/Abs review the path requests and prepare the draft offer. Once the draft offer is complete, they can submit it to the observation phase.

If the dossier contains PaPs, then the involved RFC gets the leading role until the Active timetable phase. With this role, RFCs can check the offer after IMs finalise the preparation of their draft offer.



Automatic Promotions

The next automatic promotion will be on 04 July 2022 at the Draft Offer deadline,

Passenger/Freight traffic dossiers with all green lights will be automatically promoted to the Observation phase.

Our goal is to continue to deliver the best possible technical assistance and customer support, as well as the ever-evolving PCS, which helps customers to conduct their daily business efficiently with the new features listed below.


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Users can check out some interesting new changes and receive detailed information in the latest PCS CCB bi-weekly report published on the PCS Forum.

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Support Ticket Analytics

In terms of ongoing user support, the PCS team has assisted 38 times in various issues in May, mainly with user access requests, password resets, and web service update request errors.