May 2021 Recap

The time has come, and for the second time since February, we have organised our regular PCS User group and Test group, and the Change Control Board (CCB) meetings.

The Test Group meeting on the 3rd presented the change requests (CRs) and the participants tested them in groups. The PCS Team gathered their feedback before the end of the meeting.

On 4 May, during the PCS User Group meeting with a wider audience, participants received an update on the development roadmap, shared experiences about the path request deadline, reviewed the feasibility study processes, and RFC 8 cooperation with RFC 7 introduced a new change request and proposal of the full calendar customisation in PaP import sheet.

In the afternoon of the same day, the CCB meeting members reviewed the budget costs, received a deep overview of the development roadmap, information of the newly established ECMT CCB and Advisory group, detailed description of impact assessment of the TOM object model and continued the discussion of the single border point solution proposal. Furthermore, the members were asked their opinion of the implicit acceptance or rejection of the Final Offer to improve the situation for the IMs.

Our goal is to continue to provide the best possible technical service and customer support, and the constantly evolving PCS helping users to live their daily business comfortably with the following new features:

  • Migration for merged agencies. (This is part of the “No splitting anymore for applicants agencies” changes)
  • Removed parameter changes view improvement
  • Automatisation of the delayed processes to support delayed dossier from the consultation phase to Post-processing.
  • The “Links” view improvement

And many more new elements published in our CMS in PCS under PCS history book, making the information available to everyone. Each chapter is a news release note. Click each chapter’s link to read more in detail: https://cms.rne.eu/node/30476/pcs-history

For public access, the chapters are located on the right side in the Related Documents section in the Reference area.

We do not leave ECMT development lagging behind PCS. Our ECMT users can check out some interesting new changes and visit the ECMT site sprint reviews for detailed information:

  • TCR timetable precision – new check-box implemented “Different duration” to enable adding the “To time” and the “From time” from the origin until the destination.
  • Export from the object list page
  • Creating frequency
  • Bug fixed for the offset issue at midnight-crossing band
  • Search page export batch process

In terms of ongoing user support, the PCS team has assisted 36 times in various issues in May, mainly with user access requests password resets, IM parameters and timetable comparison problems.