Due to the travel ban caused by COVID-19, the PCS Team has been holding all regular meetings online.

First, the regular half-day Test Group meeting was held on 4th May. In the afternoon session the path variant comparison prototype proposal was introduced where Applicants can compare relevant path variants with each other in an advanced way. The simple PDF export was presented as well with extended information such as dossier level and common parameters, loco indents, dangerous goods, and fulfilled IM parameters. Máté Bak demonstrated a significant new feature in PCS where IMs are allowed to edit the reserved capacity. He explained the importance of the new feature and how it works, after which meeting participants had the opportunity to gain some practical experience with it.

On 5th May, the PCS Team held the PCS User Group meeting with a wider audience where participants received a status summary of the new path request dossiers, shared experiences about the dossiers’ quality control results and most commonly identified issues. Matteo Soldini introduced the RUs’ CCB procedure and current status. The PCS Team also informed participants that bi-weekly sprint reviews will be organised with free participation for CCB members. The second half of the meeting was used to go through the change requests, analysing necessity, and discussing further statuses (approve or reject).

The Quick Border Information report has been implemented in OBI (Oracle Business Intelligence) tool to help timetable planners to harmonise the border times among their paths at the border. The report is generated automatically in RNE OBI and then sent to the planners by e-mail.

The ECMT has been improved as well, however, most of the newly developed features are still only available on the demo or the staging site. The major feature currently under development will provide the possibility to present objects properly on overlapping lines. The feature is about to be finalised, but there are still some bugs to be resolved. Offsets in the timetables are now being implemented so that users can include very long dwell times for locations or very long journey times for bands or catalogue paths.

In terms of ongoing user support, the PCS team has assisted 185 times in various issues in May, PCS IP error codes, password resets, and PA/PM process questions.

PCS maintenance release notes include features and enhancements for each release, as well as bug fixes. To get an update and read more about PCS development steps and sprints, please click on this link.