For the PCS Team, Applicants, and IMs/ABs, March has been one of the busiest months. Check out what happened in March:

  • Passenger traffic applicants and IMs/ABs analysed and worked on their timetables, aiming to carry out the feasibility studies in time to automatically switch their dossiers from the Feasibility Elaboration Conference phase to the Harmonisation.
  • Those IMs / ABs who couldn’t complete their analysis had to manually switch their dossiers from Feasibility Elaboration Conference to Feasibility Study Elaboration and then to the Feasibility Study Result phase before the deadline.
  • Freight traffic applicants were busy creating their path requests and allocating rail capacity to secure smooth transport of goods.
  • The PCS Team started the preparation for the smooth and successful submission of the ‘New Path Request\ (NPR) deadline.

PCS Team run dossier quality checks: the PCS Team checked the dossiers and informed the editors or/and involved agencies’ active users of:

  1. Train weights/length inconsistency: correct parameters sent with the Path Request
  2. Calendar inconsistency: detected the problem and proposed a solution to harmonise the territories between the involved applicants.


Automatic Promotions

  • For IMs/ABs to respond to the feasibility study requests:

Feasibility Elaboration Conference to Harmonisation on the 14th at 23:59.

  • For late placed feasibility study requests: Feasibility Study Result to Harmonisation between the 14th and 18th every night at 23:59.

In both cases, the Feasibility Study Result is automatically treated as ‘acknowledged’ in the system regardless of the IMS/ABs lights.

Manual promotion

If the feasibility study cannot be completed on time the IMs/ABs has to promote the dossiers manually and coordinate the requests back to harmonisation.

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In terms of ongoing user support, the PCS team has assisted 113 times in various issues in March, mainly with user access requests, password resets, and solving inconsistencies.