March is a peak period for the PCS Team, the Passenger Traffic Applicants and the IMs/ABs.

The time has come in this month that we passed two automatic promotion deadlines:

  • Feasibility Elaboration Conference to Harmonisation on the 15th at 23:59
  • Feasibility Study Result to Harmonization between the 15th and 19th every night at 23:59

Passenger Traffic Applicants and IMs analysed and worked on their timetables, aiming to carry out the feasibility studies in time to automatically switch their dossiers from the Feasibility Elaboration Conference phase to the Harmonisation until the deadline.

Those IMs / ABs who were not able to complete their analysis had to manually switch their dossiers from Feasibility Elaboration Conference to Feasibility Study Elaboration and then to the Feasibility Study Result phase before the deadline.

Freight Traffic Applicants were busy creating their path requests and allocating rail capacity to secure smooth transport of goods.

Our goal is to continue to provide the best possible technical service and customer support and the constantly evolving PCS helping users to live their daily business comfortably with the following new features:

  • New Path variant calendar
  • Downgrade notifications improvement (merging notifications into one message to be sent to the partner IM)
  • Show path request last date: the dashboard extended with an additional sortable column that shows the date and time when the dossier reached path request status.
  • Validation alert improvement: entered a new warning message regarding two locations required in a territory

And many more new elements published in our CMS in PCS under PCS history book to make the information available to everyone. Each chapter is a news release note. Click each chapter’s link to read more in detail: https://cms.rne.eu/node/30476/pcs-history

For public access, the chapters are located on the rights side in the Related Documents section in the Reference area.

We do not leave ECMT development lagging behind PCS. Our ECMT users can check out some interesting new changes and visit the ECMT site sprint reviews for detailed information:

  • Company registration was added to the tool
  • Frequency object design finished: the user can create frequency only for the line where the user has access.
  • Route selection plan design started: technical requirements analysis in progress


In terms of ongoing user support, the PCS team has assisted 154 times in various issues in March, mainly with user access requests, password resets, fixing calendar inconsistencies, and modifying timetables/deleting territories once the dossier entered feasibility study phases.