March is always one of the busiest months of the year.

Passenger traffic applicants and IMs analysed and worked on their own timetables, aiming to carry out the feasibility studies in time to automatically switch their dossiers from the Feasibility Elaboration Conference phase to Harmonisation phase by the deadline on 16 March. IMs / ABs unable to complete their analysis, manually switched their dossiers from Feasibility Elaboration Conference to Feasibility Study Elaboration and then to the Feasibility Study Result phase before the deadline (16th of March).

Freight traffic applicants were busy creating their path requests and allocating rail capacity to secure  smooth transport of goods.

In light of the restrictions announced by the Federal Government in Austria due to the coronavirus pandemic, RNE cancelled all personal meetings. To ensure continuous PCS support to finalise the harmonisation of international offering concepts for timetable 2021, the PCS team opened a support hotline under the FTE B Freight (23rd – 26th March) and Passenger (31st March – 4 April) Conference to assist and solve any issues without delay.

ECMT (Electronic Capacity Management Tool) development continues, the latest achievements being that objects are now displayed by segments, not lines, and users can use calendar templates to quickly copy/paste the calendar into the object.

PCS maintenance release notes include features and enhancements for each release, as well as bug fixes. To get an update and read more about PCS development steps and sprints, please click on this link.

In terms of ongoing user support, the PCS team has assisted 269 times in various issues in March, related to dossier creation and inconsistent calendar issues, password resets, and PaP request questions.