In the PCS life cycle, the observation phase began on July 4th and will run until the 5th of August, under this period applicants can check the draft offer they received from the IMs and make observations. The applicants can place their comments into the dossiers through the ‘Make observation’ option in a clear and structured manner. Once the draft offer is complete, the Leading IM can promote the dossier to the Observations phase.

If the dossier contains PaPs, then the involved RFC gets the leading role until the Active timetable phase. With this role, RFCs can check the offer after IMs finalise the preparation of their draft offer.


Automatic Promotions

  1. Draft Offer deadline on the 04th of July and the promotion was scheduled:
    • at 03:00 AM
    • at 11:00 PM

Passenger/Freight traffic dossiers with all green lights were automatically promoted to the Observation phase.

  1. Daily promotion: from 07.2022 to 05.08.2022 at 03:00: the system will check every night that there are any dossiers with all IMs/ABs/RFCs lights on green and will switch them directly from Path Elaboration to Observations.
  2. Harmonized approach: after spending 30 days in the phase “Observation”, for the dossiers without the triggered partial harmonization, regardless of the date when the dossier reached Observation will be automatically switched to the Post-Processing phase.
  3. Observation to Closed: between 07.2022 and 10.12.2022 at 03:00: the system checks regularly (every night) the status of acceptance indicators and automatically switches those dossiers where at least one applicant’s light is red to Closed.

Partial Offer: if the dossier is already in partial offer the applicant-IM pairs could be independently in different phases.

Our goal is to continue to deliver the best possible technical assistance and customer support, as well as the ever-evolving PCS, which helps customers to conduct their daily business efficiently with the new features listed below.

PCS Developments:

  • Downgrade of acceptance indicators in PA/PM. The downgrade of acceptance indicators in PA/PM should work the same as in the other dossier states. In PA/PM the system triggered the downgrade of the light as soon as the change of the downgrading parameters was saved, not on the green light switch as it was improved in the main phases. (Version 2.38.2 Changes)
  • CR1437 Mandatory except for conditions between common and IM parameters. Configuring of common mandatory parameter exceptions is available for Admin and IM users. IMs should be able to select some Common Parameters as mandatory in dependence with IM parameters (Version 2.39.0 Changes)
  • CR1419 An email reminder is sent to the Applicants (to set a green light) when the dossier is already 3 working days in the Acceptance or Final Offer phase, and the light of the Applicant is either blue or yellow. So that we can improve moving the dossiers to a final state. With that, the Applicant will be warned within the 5 days acceptance period (Version 2.39.0 Changes)
  • CR1444 Loco type to PDF Export: The current approach for exporting the loco type to PDF is not considered optimal. The export of the 4-digit series number is not enough and should be completed with the “national ID”, “Explanation” and country of the loco type. In the PDF export additional information about loco types is now visible (Version 2.39.0 Changes)
  • CR1467 Include “special agreements” and “IM details” in PDF export if they exist. Previously it was not included in export but there was a need to include it because special agreements could contain the description of business cases (Version 2.39.0 Changes)

PCS Bug Fixes:

  • The user should be able to hide filters from the dashboard (Version 2.38.2 Changes)
  • Save the right Dossier Status in the archive. The right dossier status should be saved in the archives(Version 2.38.2 Changes)
  • Fix errors during the PaP import (Version 2.38.2 Changes)
  • Problem with dwell time on the reference point. The dwell time should not be greater than the difference between arrival and departure time on the reference point when the territory is not the first one. The validation did not work in the IM TT, it was possible to enter a greater value (Version 2.39.0 Changes)
  • Error when importing existing PaP distances: “The import process failed to finish” error displayed when importing Rolling Planning capacities (Version 2.39.0 Changes)
  • Highlight changes for added/removed dangerous goods. In case of added/removed dangerous good indication highlight the fields that were added or removed (Version 2.39.0 Changes)
  • Fix the calendar highlight in the comparison view (Version 2.39.0 Changes)
  • Highlight changes in catalogue path number between path section from PaP and tailor-made path section. In the calendar compare view the catalogue path number was not shown in the IM TT if the PaP request was tailor-made (Version 2.39.0 Changes)

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Support Ticket Analytics

In terms of ongoing user support, the PCS team has assisted 41 times in various issues in July, mainly with user access requests, password resets, modification of dossiers and deadline questions.