July 2021 Recap

In the PCS life cycle, the observation phase began on 6 July and will run until 6 August, during this period applicants can check the draft offer they received from the IMs and make observations. The applicants can place their comments into the dossiers through the ‘Make observation’ option in a clear and structured manner.

There are two more daily promotions in the month of July:

  • Daily Draft Offer for late offers will start on 05.07.2021 03:00 to 06.06.2021 to promote dossiers from Path Elaboration to the Observation phase where IMs / ABs / RFCs have turned their lights green
  • Daily close Observation starts from 05.07.2021 at 03:00 until 11.12.2021 when PCS checks the applicant’s lights and closes the dossiers where each applicant sets the lights to red or still in blue.

Our goal is to continue to provide the best possible technical service and customer support, and the constantly evolving PCS helping users to conduct their daily business comfortably with the following new features:

  • Implemented RFC KPI reports for C-OSS and Admin users

We also fixed the following bugs:

  • Dwell time error
  • All train parameters changes are correctly highlighted in compare sub-path view
  • Cannot create a filter with ‘Participants & Acceptance indicators’
  • In a comparison view, the user will be able to see added/updated/removed dwell times.
  • Fix PA/PM workflow view on the screen
  • Add missing consistency warnings in the dossier
  • Fix the sub-path scroll when the main scroll is positioned at the bottom of the page

And many more new elements published in our CMS in PCS under PCS history book, making the information available to everyone. Each chapter is a news release note. Click each chapter’s link to read more in detail: https://cms.rne.eu/node/30476/pcs-history

The chapters are located on the rights side in the Related Documents section in the Reference area for public access.

Due to new organisational changes, ECMT space is NO LONGER PUBLIC. It has been modified for private access, meaning that it can only be accessed by dedicated members of ECMT AG (Advisory Group) or ECMT CCB (Change Control Board).

We still do not leave ECMT development lagging behind PCS. Our ECMT users can check out some interesting new changes and visit for detailed information in the latest PCS CCB Bi-weekly report published on PCS Forum:

  • Access right enhancement
  • Route finding for complex networks
  • Redesigning the search and object list pages

In terms of ongoing user support, the PCS team has assisted 52 times in various issues in July, mainly with user access requests, password resets, notification, observation issues and interface problems.