February may be the shortest month of the year, but there was plenty of work to be done and kept the PCS Team busy. Check out what happened in February:

  • Currently, Infrastructure Managers (IMs) are busy carrying out feasibility studies on international passenger train requests.
  • PCS Team held regular group meetings:
    1. PCS CCB
    2. PCS User Group
    3. PCS Test Group

PCS Meetings


The meeting was organised on the morning of the 8th of February. Ivona Haban introduced the current structure of the CM IT & DCM Team, she showed the latest developments and presented the development roadmap. She talked about the RNE CRs that need clarification according to comments obtained from the survey as well as introducing new RNE CRs that will be placed for approval. The group checked the downgrade indicators feature behaviour and was asked to share their opinion and concerns. Anna Geczi presented the Satisfaction Survey 2021 results. Aleksandar Markelić introduced the PCS Capacity Broker and the relationship of this new system with PCS EC as well as giving the PCS UG a short introduction to the DCM IT Landscape.


At the PCS CCB meetings on the 8th afternoon, IMs had the opportunity to review the budget and approve the costs for TT2022. Ivona Haban introduced the planned development roadmap for TT2022. The team and the participants agreed on future meeting dates. Participants had the opportunity to raise questions about the Capacity Broker development (presented at the PCS UG meeting the previous day). Ivona Haban introduced the most important FTE & RNE CRs. Participants were asked to express their opinion about the behaviour of the downgrade of indicators feature when approaching important deadlines for IMs (draft offer + final offer).

PCS Test Group

The meeting, organized on the 7th of February, started with an overview of the most recent changes made since September 2021. After that Ivona Haban demonstrated CRs developed in 2022 and participants were asked to test them. At the end of the meeting, participants shared their results and feedback.

RFC Training

We held the following training together with the Rail Freight Corridors via MS Teams:

  • 14h February, general beginner, and advanced sessions
  • 15th February, general beginner session
  • 16th February, advanced session

You can find some of the videos on the Rail Freight Corridor YouTube channel.

Our goal is to continue to provide the best possible technical service and customer support, and of course the constantly evolving PCS, helping users to conduct their daily business smoothly with the following new features.

PCS Developments:

PCS Bug Fixes:

Development News

Development news is published on our CMS PCS space under the PCS history book and is thus available to everyone. Each chapter is a new release note. Click each chapter’s link to read more details!

The chapters are located on the right side in the Related Documents section in the Reference area for public access.

PCS Forum

Users can check out some interesting new changes and receive detailed information in the latest PCS CCB Bi-weekly report published on the PCS Forum.

Feel free to ask the PCS Community about interesting topics by creating discussion posts.Support Ticket Analytics

In terms of ongoing user support, the PCS team has assisted 101 times in various issues in February, mainly with user access requests, password resets, verifying locations and solving inconsistency.