February may be the shortest month of the year, but there was plenty of work to keep the PCS Team occupied.

Currently, Infrastructure Managers (IMs) are busy carrying out feasibility studies on international passenger train requests.

The PCS Team participated in the following regular annual training events organised with the Rail Freight Corridors:

  • 06th-07th February in Frankfurt with RFCs Rhine-Alpine, Scan-Med, Orient/East-Med, and North Sea-Baltic
  • 13th-14th February in Warsaw with RFCs Baltic-Adriatic, Czech-Slovak, and Amber
  • 19th-20th February in Budapest with RFCs Orient/East-Med, Czech-Slovak, and Amber

The “traditional” PCS UG, PCS Test Group and PCS CCB meetings were held in the beautiful city of Zurich this year, located by the lake and surrounded by mountains.

At the PCS Test meeting, participants tested the Path Modification and the Path Alteration process types, watched a demonstration of how IMs can edit reserved capacity and agreed on the reporting requirements.

At the PCS CCB meeting, this year’s budget reporting plans were introduced and last year’s statistics shared. Also, the structure of the new change request page was presented, with full FTE involvement in the future. Path harmonisation was discussed in detail:

  • Alternative origin / destination
  • Number of days on each side of the border
  • How to edit a route as an IM if PaP is included

Participants received information on the timetable quality KPI’s and a brief introduction to a new simplified communication tool that should support the harmonisation process.

At the PCS UG meeting the PCS team collected feedback from the users, who shared their satisfaction and positive experiences so far. Users received an update about what had been done since the latest release (additional PA/PM features added, enhanced collaboration, reliable and simple PDF export) what was still pending and what is planned (BigData integration as part of the TTR Programme). A framework proposal for handling Non-RU applicants was presented. The proposal will need to be approved later in May and will be revised in October. It will remain in a draft version for further amendment opportunities. Participants received an overview of the status report, a workshop on further developments and the customisation of PaPs as part of the 2020 developments. Members were informed of the possible future involvement of RUs in change request processes.

ECMT development continues and it is planned to add the bulk operation feature for adding/removing days in the objects.

PCS maintenance release notes include features and enhancements for each release, as well as bug fixes. To get an update and read more about PCS development steps and sprints, please click on this link.

In terms of ongoing user support, the PCS team has assisted 65 times in various issues in February, mainly with user access requests, password resets, dossier creation issues and PaP questions.