In February, PCS training opportunities continued in Warsaw, Frankfurt and Budapest. The organised training sessions were mainly targeted at PCS beginner users. The participants received a global overview of the annual TT 2020 process steps, PaP offer on RFCs, RFC-specific news and PCS developments. There were individual practices, corridor-specific use cases prepared for RUs and IMs based on RNE’s instructions. For the first time in the history of PCS trainings the instructions were translated into several languages, thanks to the trainers’ help.

We are pleased to announce that RNE’s Content Management System https://cms.rne.eu/ had major update on the 11th of February. Where updated the CMS server, database, software, PHP and its modules. Continuous development in progress where working on new registration process for events. Solved various issues reported such as duplication in Address Book and notification services issues (bulk operation doesn’t send notifications and groups can be notified after any content update).

The PCS team also organised several meetings in February.

Firstly, the PCS Envelope Concept (PCS EC) Test meeting took place on 26 February. During the meeting PCS EC terminology was discussed and changes as well as the latest added features summarised. The core team had the opportunity to test the system with a prepared task list.

The PCS test group users can access more details on this particular event on the CMS platform:  https://cms.rne.eu/pcs/pcs-events/pcs-test-group-meeting-feb-2019

Secondly, the PCS team organised the regular PCS User Group meeting which is focused on a wider audience and treated several topics and further developments, such as the meaning of the term ‘Applicant’, and the short-term / long-term implementation plan. The PCS team summarised the PCS EC development status, and informed the group about upcoming meeting events. In support of the TTR pilots, a new process type, ‘Rolling Planning’, will be included in the PCS, An overview and detailed description of the development steps were presented to the participants. To keep the PCS compliant with TAF/TAP TSI, some minor adaptations are necessary. The PCS Team summarised the changes from the latest approved TAF/TAP-TSI change request. These updates will be added to the new PCS version in September. Last but not least, the PCS team introduced future development plans to connect the PCS and CIP (Customer Information Platform) to be able to display information on the published PaPs from the PCS in the CIP.

Finally, some specific features of the PCS Envelope Concept were discussed at the PCS CCB meeting. As this was the first meeting of the PCS CCB in 2019, the PCS CCB approved the costs and spending on PCS for 2018. In addition, the PCS team presented the available budget for 2019, approved by the RNE General Assembly. For 2019, some important milestones were agreed, such as the planned deployment date of the PCS Envelope Concept (30th September) and the period for the preparation of national IM parameters and loco types (between 4th and 15th November)

In terms of ongoing user support, the PCS team has assisted 43 times in various issues, mainly with user access requests and password resets.

To keep up to date on PCS activities, look out for the monthly PCS recap in the news section on pcs.rne.eu/news/.