The New Path Request process ended with the Path Request deadline, and the Late Path Request process began on April 12th.

For the first time in PCS history over 3000 (3209) dossiers reached Path Elaboration or Pre-booking phases.

  • The PCS Team continued the preparation for the smooth and successful submission of the ‘New Path Request\ (NPR) deadline.

PCS Team run dossier quality checks: the PCS Team checked the dossiers and informed the editors or/and involved agencies’ active users of:

    • Train weights/length inconsistency: correct parameters sent with the Path Request
    • Calendar inconsistency: detected the problem and proposed a solution to harmonise the territories between the involved applicants.
  • The leading Applicants ensured that all participants agreed with the requests, all acceptance indicator lights were set to green and path requests were submitted by the 11th of April.
  • Rail Freight Corridors were busy during this period as well, checking conflicts in the requested pre-arranged paths (PaPs) and offering alternative PaPs between 12th and 25th April.

After the X-7.5 deadline, PCS automatically returned RFC capacity to IMs/ABs.


Automatic Promotions

New Path Request deadline (X-8) on the 11th of April and the promotion is scheduled

  1. at 03:00
  2. at 23:00

Passenger/Freight traffic dossiers without PaPs, with all green lights, are automatically promoted to the Path Elaboration phase.

Freight traffic dossiers containing PaPs with green lights are automatically promoted to Pre-booking phase.

Manual Promotions

Pre-booking deadline (X-7.5): Rail Freight Corridors reserved the accepted PaPs and manually promoted the dossiers to the Path Elaboration phase.

Our goal is to continue to deliver the best possible technical assistance and customer support, as well as the ever-evolving PCS, which helps customers do their daily business efficiently with the new features listed below.

PCS Developments:

PCS Bug Fixes:

  • Fix selectable activity types in train parameters: (Version 2.34.0 Changes)
  • Fix ACL for train id: editing of train id is possible only in the Open phase. (Version 2.34.0 Changes)
  • [WS] Dossier type validation. The user should be able to set only the dossier type which is supported for the given dossier. (Version 2.34.0 Changes)
  • Fix the execution of the territory downgrade scheduler and improve logging. (Version 2.33.1 Changes)
  • Carry forward – selectable dossier statuses (Version 2.33.3 Changes)
  • Fix timetable reports for dossiers with activity type defined by IM (Version 2.33.4 Changes)
  • IM TT does not contain all territories as in Applicant TTs (Version 2.33.4 Changes)
  • [WS] User should be able to appoint responsible RU after the PE phase. Bugfix: The user should be able to appoint RU in the dossier after the Path Elaboration phase using the Web Services. (Version 2.34.0 Changes)
  • [WS] Prevent changing of appointments as IM. Bugfix: IM should not be able to make any changes in the appointments. (Version 2.34.0 Changes)
  • Fix the report for the remaining capacity of catalogues dossiers (Version 2.34.1 Changes)

[WS] Fix Invalid variant in TSI Path ID: fixed the mismatch and empty TSI Path IDs for web service users. (Version 2.34.2 Changes)

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Support Ticket Analytics

In terms of ongoing user support, the PCS team has assisted 84 times in various issues in April, mainly with user access requests, password resets and solving inconsistencies.