April was the busiest month for the PCS Team.

The PCS international timetable process reached two main target dates for the 2021 annual timetable: the Path Request (X-8) and the Pre-booking (X-7.5) deadlines. The new Path Request process ended with the Path Request deadline, and the Late Path Request process began on April 15th.

The leading Applicants ensured that all participants agreed with the requests, all path-related lights were set to green, and submitted their path requests by 14th April. PCS automatically promoted all dossiers with all green traffic lights to the Path Request or Pre-booking phase.

For Rail Freight Corridors it was a busy period as well as the pre-arranged paths (PaPs) or reserved alternative PaPs were pre-booked between 15th and 27th April. After the X-7.5 deadline the RFCs worked on returning RFC capacity to IMs/ABs.

ECMT (Electronic Capacity Management Tool) development continues. The bulk operation check-box bug was fixed, a notification added when selecting bulk operation, the diesel-only field renamed, versioning added to the login screen, searching and filter options extended with more features on object pages, number of results per page settings added, as well as the possibility to present objects on overlapping sections (only on demo site for the time being), and last but not least the calendar was improved by introducing an ‘exact day’ filter.

In terms of ongoing user support, the PCS team has assisted 281 times in various issues in April, related to dossier creation and inconsistent calendar issues, password resets, and PaP request questions.

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