January has been a busy month for the PCS team.

After the holiday season the PCS team started the year by providing assistance to users in the publication of PaP imports.

The beginning of the year was also the time for passenger RUs to finalise the feasibility study preparations and open the harmonisation conference phase in PCS to fully harmonise the dossiers between the involved parties.

Carrying its momentum from 2018 forward into the new year, the PCS team organised the first internal TTR test sessions, which constitute a significant result of continuous TTR  development and took place at the RNE Joint Office in Vienna.

Work continued with ITNDB carry forward preparations and the PCS team is very pleased to announce that Turkey will be part of the system (more information available to ITNDB users on https://cms.rne.eu/itndb).

The CMS migration was completed for RFC 1 in the document library area.

Also in January, a good training opportunity was offered by several rail freight corridors (2, 4, 6, 8) who had organised a training session in Brussels. The PCS team has been working in close cooperation with them, preparing training materials as well as the test system.

Last but not least, the PCS team has assisted 59 times in various issues, mainly with user access requests, password resets and PaP imports.

To keep up to date on PCS activities, look out for the monthly PCS recap in the news section on pcs.rne.eu/news/.


Due a delay in the delivery of draft offers by some IMs, RNE will postpone triggering the automatic promotion of PCS dossiers from the phase ‘Observation’ to ‘Post-processing’ from 03 August 2018 (originally scheduled 03 August at 23:00) to a later time (currently scheduled for Monday 06 August 2018 at 14:00). This will require a small configuration of PCS by the developers. Please note that leading RUs can still trigger the dossier promotion manually for their dossiers.


As of 18 December 2017 the info pages of RailNetEurope’s IT tools were relaunched in a revised and improved version. All relevant information about PCS is now available in a more user-friendly and modern way.

The website is designed to provide potential and existing users with a first insight into the functionality of RNE’s IT Tools. To meet modern-day standards, the website is modular and responsively designed in order to accommodate users who access the site through mobile devices. The redesign of this website was the final step of a complete relaunch of RNE’s web presence with the goal of making information easily accessible to all users.

Good quality websites are always depending on users’ input. Information updates and comments are therefore very welcome and can be requested at/addressed to communications@rne.eu.