• Functional Architecture

PCS Core System – Web Application

  • No installation needed, only a standard web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, etc.).
  • Users work within the web browser and place requests directly into PCS Core System.

PCS Integration Platform – Service Oriented Architecture (SOA-based approach)

The PCS Integration Platform was developed to simplify data exchange between the Path Coordination System (PCS) and national systems. It enables easy access to PCS, makes data interchange suitable for international developments and standards such as TAF TSI. This system-to-system communication enables the triggering of path request processes in PCS from national systems and vice versa.

Benefits of communication with PCS Integration Platform

  • No double data input – you type it once into your system, the data is forwarded to PCS.
  • Continuous information about the status of international dossiers – any change in dossier data and status that is relevant for your company is transmitted automatically to your system.