What is the Path Coordination System?

International Path Coordination

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What is Path Coordination System (PCS)?
The Path Coordination System (PCS) is an international path request coordination system for path applicants, e.g. Railway Undertakings (RUs), Infrastructure Managers (IMs,) Allocation Bodies (ABs) and Rail Freight Corridors (RFCs). The internet-based application optimises international path coordination by ensuring that path requests and offers are harmonised by all involved parties. Input for international path requests needs to be placed only once into one system - either into the domestic application or directly into PCS.

Path Coordination System (PCS) and Timetabling Process
PCS provides a single workflow that enables RUs and ABs to use a standard dossier for all types of path requests. According to the submission date of the request and the requested timetable period, PCS will automatically define whether the request is an ad-hoc path request for the running timetable, a path request placed in time for the next annual timetable, or a request to be treated as a late path request for the next annual timetable.

PCS and Timetabling Process

General requirements ...
  • Harmonisation of international path requests with partners and all involved parties
  • Easy handling of path requests
  • Easy communication
  • Transparency in workflow and processing status
  • Decreased dwell times at the borders for trains on international paths

PCS provides ...

  • A platform for handling harmonised international path requests, path studies, path offers and path allocations – without any paperwork
  • Quick, secure and easy communication between all parties (path applicants, IMs/ABs, RFCs)
  • Flexible system – updated to fulfil future requirements of European legislation
  • International standardisation of the data structure and availability of international timetable data

PCS is free of charge
Use of RNE Path Coordination System (PCS) is free of charge for all RNE Infrastructure Managers and customers licensed on any of their networks.

RNE also offers PCS Guidelines and a Handbook for users which can be downloaded here:
> PCS Reference Manual (formerly PATHFINDER Orange Book)
> PCS Guidelines 2013

tl_files/RNE_Upload/Flags/flag_czech.png PCS Guidelines 2012 - Czech Version
tl_files/RNE_Upload/Flags/flag_italy.png PCS Guidelines 2011 - Italian Version

For functional questions regarding PCS, please get in touch with one of our 'PCS Trainers' (experienced colleagues) in your country. PCS Trainers - Contact Data.

More detailed documentation about using the PCS Integration Platform for data interchange between national systems and PCS can be found here: PCS Documents.

For technical support, or if your country is not listed above, please get in touch with the RNE IT Service Desk.