Major PCS Release and Special RFC PCS Release 2014

October 29, 2014

We are happy to announce that this year in addition to the normal PCS release 2014, RNE will roll out a special RFC PCS release 2014 in order to support the RFCs’ specific demands.

  • Major PCS Release 2014: 3rd November at night
  • Special RFC PCS Release 2014: 8th December at night

In a joint effort with our supplier Netcetera and the PCS community, we were able to generally enhance the PCS system and, in addition, to define the new RFC requirements. Those were included into this special PCS release in order to be ready for the timetable period 2016.

The main changes refer to the availability of the “Flex PaPs”. This new option will improve PaP management and will provide more flexibility to all users – RFCs as well as their customers. Another important feature is the new approach to priority rule calculation, which uses the “Network PaP” concept. In particular, this will be used during pilot applications on RFC1 and RFC2.

Additional features demanded by the users and included in this release will be:

  • Possibility of PaP edition during the Path Elaboration Phase
  • Multiple PaP import improvement
  • Removing automatic promotion until X-11
  • Preview of PaP catalogues before publication

Detailed Time Schedule for Special RFC PCS Release

The special RFC PCS release candidate will be launched on 24 November 2014 for the purpose of user testing, training and bug fixing.

Two weeks later, on 8 December, the new release will go into production and will give users the possibility to upload and publish PaPs starting from 9 December.


The functions included in the new release were defined and described by the international timetabling and RFC experts. The documentation dealing with the concepts of “Flex PaPs” and “Network PaPs” are available on the PCS website and on the RNE Projectplace platform.

Meetings and Trainings

To ensure that RFC users and customers are able to correctly apply the new features, RNE is organising several meetings and training sessions in the coming months.

  • Meeting: 20 – 21 October 2014 Milano
    • RFC Community – RNE. With the participation of the PCS Technical Manager and the Sales and Timetabling Manager
  • Workshop: 4 – 5 November 2014 Vienna
    • Workshop with RUs, IMs and RFCs concentrating on the RFCs’ experiences
    • RFC-related content of PCS November release (combined PaP/tailor-made solution)
  • Workshop: 10 – 12 December 2014 Vienna
    • Schedule
      • 10 December 2014, 10:00 – 17:00 – RFCs (dedicated day)
      • 11 December 2014, 09:00 – 17:00 – RFCs, IMs
      • 12 December 2014, 09:00 – 16:00 – RFCs, IMs, RUs
    • Workshop with the RUs, IMs, RFCs concentrating on the contents of the RFC release
    • Workflow together with all involved parties running through all PCS phases
  • Workshop: 20 – 22 January 2015 Berlin
    • FTE PCS Workshop, training on the new features in the major release and RFC release
  • Meeting: 9 February 2015, Vienna
    • RFC Community – RNE (PCS Technical Manager, Sales & Timetabling Manager) meeting


Special support will be offered from January 5 – 9 2015 by RNE to the RFCs during the phase of the PaPs uploading process.

Further Information

If you have any further questions, please contact the PCS service desk at