PCS Day 2012

November 22, 2012

PCS Day 2012The PCS Day 2012 took place on 20 November 2012 at the Arcotel Wimberger in Vienna.  Interest for this annual event was once again very high. More than 100 people attended the conference, both experienced and new railway business specialists, as well as IT experts from Railway Undertakings (RUs) and Infrastructure Managers (IMs)/Allocation Bodies (ABs).

Focus on new developments in the Path Coordination System (PCS)
This year the event programme focused on new developments and improvements in PCS. The general session of the conference started with Juergen Pfeiffer, Sales & Timetabling Manager of RailNetEurope (RNE), who presented an overview of the implementation of the Corridor OSS and Pre-Arranged Paths functions in PCS. Next Seid Maglajlic, Chief Technical Officer of RNE, introduced the implementation of ‘path modification’ and ‘path alteration’ processes in PCS under the TAF/TAP-TSI regime. After lunch the focus of the afternoon session lay on live demonstrations of the Path Coordination System (PCS). Mr Pfeiffer and Mr Maglajlic explained new developments conducted in 2012 to the audience and showed them live how these worked inside the system. This practical approach was much appreciated by the conference participants.   

Technical Session
Besides the general PCS Day session, this year there was again a technical session dedicated to experienced PCS users. During this session, Vladimir Simjanoski and Viktor Cvetkovik from Netcetera (software developer of PCS) introduced the technical aspects of the PCS Integration Platform and of some new features. After this Máte Bák from VPE showed a hands-on demonstration of the connection from the company system of VPE to PCS. During the afternoon session, the architecture and message exchange were shown in detail by means of a live demonstration.

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The event was highly appreciated by the participants. RNE already looks forward to holding the 5th edition of PCS Day in November 2013.

Impressions of the conference

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