In the second half of May, several meetings were held at the RNE Joint Office, making the most of the time before the summer holiday period.

First, the PCS team organised the regular Test Group meeting on 14th May. In the morning session the constraints of the new PCS Envelope Concept (EC) were introduced, and the elements and inconsistency checks in the system presented. The test group meeting members had the opportunity to meet our developers (Netcetera) in person. Valeria Velinovska from Netcetera presented the migration steps and rules that apply in order to do a successful migration to the EC, and the planned activities. In the afternoon session, the meeting continued with free testing based on prepared test cases and real situations where Netcetera members walked around and assisted test group members with queries and resolving test case issues on the spot.

On 15th May, the PCS team held two half day events: the PCS User Group and CCB meetings. The PCS UG meeting, held in the morning, had a wider audience and participants received a summary of the changes made regarding the Envelope Concept. The Rolling Planning development and pilot had reached a significant milestone and Mate Bak presented the Rolling Planning process in PCS by means of a sample dossier. He introduced Rolling Planning deadlines, informed participants that Rolling Planning has been available in production since April and RUs/applicants can start to request it from August. Jorge Campo presented a brief overview of the results from the previous day’s Test Group meeting.

In the afternoon the PCS CCB meeting was held, where group members received a detailed overview of the necessary TTR IT implementation and planned steps for further development. Main topics were Big Data integration short- and long-term tasks and benefits, quick border overview, Flex PaP improvements, direct PCS – CIP & PCS – ECMT connections, code list synchronisation with a central repository, capacity band implementation and pre-conditions, the Rolling Planning process with the multi-annual aspect, a summary of the first quarter budget report and checked change requests. Sebastian Čarek presented the current status of IM registrations for the upcoming Technical meeting 2019.

On a third day (16th May) the PCS Training Group meeting was held. On this all-day event the PCS team showcased a dossier creation in Envelope Concept through a sample dossier. Participants received a detailed overview and step by step explanation of how to fill in basic data, how to use offset, how to add territory and use functionalities. Calendar constraints and meaning of alternative origin/ destination, created path and user variants were discussed. The PCS team introduced the new PCS login screen and links, and the group agreed on dossier creation naming conventions, and also on train numbering rules.

Last but not least, the PCS Technical Board meeting was held in Bern on 22nd  May, where Máté Bak informed participants of the PCS development strategy in TTR IT. There was a discussion of roadmap and development tasks until 2023 to fulfil TTR requirements, an update was given on the Envelope Concept, and further information was provided on the PCS IPv6 and PCS TAF TSI test connection status.

In terms of ongoing user support, the PCS team has assisted 37 times in various issues, mainly with user access requests password resets and PaP related queries.